Department Info

Your horse is more than just another animal, and he or she requires a unique set of skills and supplies. A horse can be a companion, family member, work partner, exercise buddy, business asset , or show stopper- not to mention a lot of work! 

To help your horses thrive in all of these roles, and help you care for them as easily as possible, we carry:

  • Bedding: shavings, fine shavings, pellets
  • Bedding forks
  • Treats
  • Vitamins, probiotics, electrolytes
  • Supplements
  • Salt bricks and blocks
  • Pasture seed and care
  • Fly spray
  • Wormers
  • Shampoos, detanglers, shine
  • Grooming tools: brushes, shedding blades, hoof picks, and more.
  • Joint care
  • Skin care and medications
  • Hoof care
  • First aid, vet wrap, and wound care
  • Feeders, tubs, hay racks, buckets, and bucket hooks
  • Heated buckets, stock tank deicers, bucket heaters
  • Snaps, halters, leads, tethers
  • Stall mats, stall guards