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Good quality, secure fencing is essential to protect your poultry, livestock, pets,  gardens, and landscaping. Not only can the right fence keep your animals contained, but it will also keep predators and pests away. But which fencing styles, materials, sizes and constructions are best for your needs? How can you be sure you have the right fence? What gates are best for the fences you choose? Our experts are here to help.

The fencing and gates we carry include:

  • Tube gates and mounting hardware
  • T-posts and u-posts
  • Electric fence chargers, insulators, and wire
  • Welded wire fencing, chicken wire, hardware cloth
  • Field fencing
  • High tensile wire
  • Wire tensioners
  • Post pounders
  • Fencing pliers
  • Wire splices
  • Fence staples
  • Snow fence
  • Deer fence