• Preen® Weed Preventer Plus Ant, Flea & Tick Control 4.25 lb.

    Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

    Preen Weed Preventer Plus Ant, Flea & Tick Control is designed specifically for use in the foundation beds that surround and beautify your home.  In one step, Preen Weed Preventer Plus Ant, Flea and Tick Control creates an effective home barrier that prevents new weeds from growing and kills more than a dozen listed insects on contact – guaranteed.

  • Preen® Extended Control Weed Preventer 4.93 lb.

    Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

    For 50 years, gardeners have trusted Preen® Weed Preventer products to help keep their garden and landscape beds weed-free for months. Preen® Extended Control Weed Preventer is the longest lasting Preen® yet, stopping weeds for up to six months per application. It’s labelled for use around 600 plants in perennial flower beds; around groundcovers, trees and shrubs; and in xeriscape settings and rock gardens. Preen® Extended Control Weed Preventer tackles many of the toughest weeds a gardener faces, including: dandelions, crabgrass, field bindweed, white clover, chickweed, henbit, purslane, Carolina geranium, stinging nettle, horseweed or marestail, oxalis, spurge, lambsquarters and more.

  • Bonide® Weed Beater Fe RTU 32 fl. Oz.

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 321

    Naturally occurring IRON (FeHEDTA) People and pet safe. 5 in 1: Kills broadleaf weeds, disease, moss, algae, plus greens up lawns. Works fast (hours), in low temps, with no unpleasant odor. Re-seed in only 1 day, and can apply to new grass after only 1 week.

  • WeedBlock® Biodegradable Mulch 3' x 50'

    Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products

    WeedBlock® Biodegradable Mulch is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, contains no chemicals and is OMRI Listed® safe for use in organic production. It is an ideal solution for use in seasonal beds and gardens. The thick, absorbent paper blocks weeds and helps conserve moisture. WeedBlock® Biodegradable Mulch can be tilled back into the soil, putting nutrients back where they are needed.

  • Bonide BurnOut® Weed & Grass Killer RTU 32 Fluid Ounce

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Made from natural ingredients, Burn Out is approved for organic gardening, and is safe for use around people and pets. Burn Out kills all types of actively growing weeds and grasses. Burn Out is rainproof when dry, works at temperatures as low as 40 degrees F. and does not translocate. Great for use around borders, driveways, sidewalks, around the base of mature trees, around buildings, fence lines, barns and pastures, school grounds, in greenhouses, and other areas where weed control is desired.

  • Bonide MAIZE® Weed Preventer RTS 32 Fluid Ounce

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    Corn Gluten, an all natural way to prevent weeds from growing. Works on annual and perennial weeds. Works on grassy and broadleaf weeds. Works in lawns, around trees, shrubs, ornamentals, flowers and even vegetable gardens. Great for spring and fall applications. This Convenient liquid formulation makes those big messy containers of corn gluten meal obsolete. 1 Qt. treats 1000 sq.ft.

  • RM43 Total Vegetation Control 32 Fluid Ounce Concentrate

    RM43™ offers season-long control of grasses, weeds, brush, vines and trees. This concentrate kills existing vegetation as well as prevents future growth of listed species. Use RM43™ only on locations where no vegetation growth is desired for up to one year.

  • Bonide Weed Beater Complete Granules - 10lbs.

    Manufacturer: Bonide

    This unique product provides both pre=emergent and post-emergents control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds- including nutsedge, goosegrass, ground ivy, and others. Systematic action from the leaves down and the roots up inhibits cell division and disrupts photosynthesis. Works equally well on cool and warm season grasses. WEED BEATER COMPLETE is a synergistic combination of Prodiamine and Sulfentrazone. Exhibits excellent cool weather performance. 

  • Weed Beater Ultra Concentrate Q

    Model: 21599
    The ultimate systemic broadleaf weed killer for lawn and turf. New chemistry thats especially effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds, right to the roots. Visible results in just 24 hours! Rainfast once dry. Reseed in just 2 weeks! Superior cool weather performance down to 45F extends application window to early spring and to late fall, when weeds are most susceptible. Non 2, 4-D formula contains MCPA, Mecoprop-p, Dicamba and Carfentrazone.
  • Preen Garden Weed Preventer 5m

    Recommended for use with nearly 200 bulbs, flowers, roses, shrubs, trees and vegetables. One application lasts for up to three months. Easy-to-use granules may be applied anytime. Excellent to use with mulch. Covers 5,000 sqft.
  • Preen Garden Weed Preventer 16 Lb

    Model: 24-63800
    The No.1 Garden Weed Preventer in the US now in a new weather-proof drum with a scoop applicator. Preen Garden Weed Preventer stops weeds before they start. Prevents weeds up to three months. Sprinkle around flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs. Can be applied anytime; spring, summer or fall.
  • Scotts Moss Control 5 M

    Scotts Moss Control Granules For Lawns kills moss quickly and thoroughly. It contains iron to turn your lawn deep green without excess growth.